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Show Schedule 2021- 2022

Members are invited to volunteer at any GDA show to earn Doggie Bytes!
Doggie Bytes can be used towards classes, shows and fun run fees!
Just volunteer to help at one of our shows. See the show premium for details.


Agility Calendar

Do you need an agility Buddy?

New to Agility competition?

Worried about what to expect at your first trial? Sign up for Agility Buddies!!!

This program will pair you with a more experienced agility team for your first show. Your buddy will help you through the check-in process, height measuring, tenting, your walk-through, etc.

Each venue (USDAA, NADAC, and AKC) run their trials differently and your Agility Buddy is there to help you navigate your way through the confusing experience of your first trial. And, if you are an experienced handler, please help out and volunteer your time. It is a great way to give back to the club and to meet other “dog people”.