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Show Schedule 2023 - 2024

Members are invited to volunteer at any GDA show to earn Doggie Bytes!
Doggie Bytes can be used towards classes, shows and fun run fees!
Just volunteer to help at one of our shows. See the show premium for details.



Agility Show Season is Here!

Volunteers are critical in running a fun and well-organized agility show. Volunteering for an agility show is a great opportunity to learn more about our sport of dog agility while watching dogs at all levels compete in different events. Other rewards for volunteering include earning Doggie Bytes (money that can be applied toward training classes or shows), winning great raffle prizes throughout the days of the show, and if you work for at least 3 classes you will earn a lunch coupon. You are welcome to bring friends and family to volunteer with you. You can give as much or as little time as you have available.

Volunteers are needed the day before the show for Setup such as:

  1. Unload trailer and assemble equipment.
  2. Distribute equipment to each ring.
  3. Set up and stake 8 canopies in designated areas.
  4. Set up hose, pool, waste containers, tables, chairs, easels, umbrellas and distribute to rings.
  5. Course build

Help is needed during the show for these positions (see detailed list). There are also tutorials and reference guides for the more technical positions. These reference guides are also provided at the show at each ring. Please email if you have any questions about volunteering.

  1. Course Builders – move equipment between classes to set the course for the next class.
  2. Gate Steward – air traffic controller of the ring; make sure the dogs are ready to enter the ring.
  3. Timer – man the timer and communicate the dog’s time to the scribe (see detailed tutorial and reference guide)
  4. Scribe – watch the judge and record the faults/points and the time on the scribe sheet (Scribe Instructions)
  5. Leash Runner – pick up the leash and walk it to the designated spot at the finish line.
  6. Jump Setter – reset knocked bars or reset bars to the new height between jump height changes.
  7. Scribe Sheet Runner – Deliver 3-4 scribe sheets to the Show Secretary from the Scribe.


Agility Calendar

First Agility Trial?

New to Agility competition?

Worried about what to expect at your first trial? Here is a wonderful resource to Prepare for Your First USDAA Trial.
Sign up for Agility Buddies!!!

This program will pair you with a more experienced agility team for your first show. Your buddy will help you through the check-in process, height measuring, tenting, your walk-through, etc.

Each venue (USDAA, NADAC, and AKC) run their trials differently and your Agility Buddy is there to help you navigate your way through the confusing experience of your first trial. And, if you are an experienced handler, please help out and volunteer your time. It is a great way to give back to the club and to meet other “dog people”.  Contact if you would like to request an Agility Buddy.