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Doggie Bytes

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Doggie Bytes

Good Dog Agility (“GDA”) is pleased to announce the creation of a new “crypto” currency program, Doggie Bytes. As of July 1st, 2021, all volunteer payments will be paid via Doggie Bytes instead of the paper currency, Doggie Dollars. All Doggie Bytes earned and used will be tracked by the GDA Treasurer using the volunteer’s full name and email address. Click on the button above and input your first and last name or email address to determine your current Doggie Byte balance.

Paper Doggie Dollars can still be used but must be mailed in with the registration form for the GDA sponsored event (classes, shows, etc.). If you wish to convert your paper Doggie Dollars to Doggie Bytes, please contact for instructions.

It is the participant’s responsibility to look up the current balance of Doggie Bytes when using them toward a GDA sponsored event. If the participant’s account becomes overdrawn, the participant will not be registered for the event until additional funds are provided before the stated deadline.

Doggie Bytes are transferrable only to relatives of the person earning them. If you wish to transfer your Doggie Bytes to a relative, please email with the amount, your full name, your email address and the relative’s full name and email address.

If you have any questions about Doggie Bytes, please contact

Doggie bytes FAQ

Electronic payment options?

Yes! We do accept electronic payments. All major credit cards are welcome.

How do you earn doggie bytes?

Doggie Bytes are earned when volunteering during the shows.

How do you use doggie bytes?

Doggie Bytes can be used for discounts on classes and select show fees.