Congratulations to our 2013/2014Spring
Beginners Graduates!


Dylan & Star
Dylan/Jennifer and Star

Shari & Miko
Shari and Miko

Stacy & Maya
Stacy and Maya

Porter & Blaze
Porter and Blaze


Delaney & Kea
Delaney and Kea
Marlene & Bolt
Marlene and Bolt
Ike & Cooper
Ike /Linley and Cooper



Congratulations to our
2018 Fall
Beginner Graduates!




Tigger PDCH PlatinumMaureen Hughes and Tigger received their USDAA Lifetime Achivement Platinum in November 2017 !

They earned 50 P3 Q's in each titling class (Gamblers, Standard, Snooker, Pairs, Tournament and Jumpers).
500 qualifying scores overall!.



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