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Good Dog Agility Club is a group of people in the Arizona area who are active in the sport of agility. We developed this site as a resource for our members and for anyone interested in agility and having fun with their dogs. If you would like to contribute to our site or have comments or questions, please contact our Webmaster or Club Secretary. We welcome articles, pictures, notices of upcoming events, or anything related to Good Dog Agility or agility in general. Inside you will also find information about agility... from "What is it?" to "How do I get started?" We have equipment plans, tips, show and class information, and news about what is going on with Good Dog. And of course, we like to brag about our dogs, so there are lots of pictures of our friends!


GDA offers five levels of classes:
• Beginners      • Advanced Beginners       •Intermediate      • Handlers    • Masters



Beginners class is designed to introduce dogs to agility and the performance of agility obstacles. Time will also be devoted to developing basic foundation skills such as stay, down, sit, come and come to hand. The class will focus on teaching handlers how to communicate with their dogs and gain a greater understanding of how dogs learn. Handlers will be expected to practice exercises during the week outside class. While the exercises generally do not require home equipment, students may eventually consider acquiring some minimal equipment such as a jump, 12’ plank, and PVC weave poles. Handlers should review the list of items required for participation in the class at “What to Bring to Class".

NOTICE: Class size is limited to 20 dog/handler teams. Dogs must be at least 9 months of age before the first class meeting.

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Advanced Beginners classes are designed to continue introducing dogs to agility and the performance of the agility obstacles. Students in this class should already be familiar with agility obstacles such as jumps, teeter, dog walk, A-frame, chute, and weave poles.

NOTICE: Class size is limited to 20 dog/handler teams.

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Intermediate - Emphasis and Goals
• Work both sides with dog
• Wean off weave gates
• Wean off leash
• Solidify obstacles and contacts
• Proof obedience (lead outs, down, etc.)
• Straight-line sequencing
• Turn sequencing
• “Go”
• “Here” (come to hand)
• Intro to tunnel and jump crosses
• Intro to flips
• Targeting and contacts
• Table work
• Distance work
• Increasing jump height

Prerequisite: Intermediate Agility class or instructor approval.

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Handlers - Emphasis and Goals
• 180’s and 270’s
• “Wrap”, “turn”
• Crosses
• Lead outs
• Proof obstacle performance
• Strengthen weave work (drive, difficult approaches/exits, etc.)
• Advanced “go”
• Obstacle discrimination
• “Out”
• Strengthen distance – linear, sequencing (gamble), layering
• Call/send to obstacles (increasing angles and distance)
• Reverse flow pivot
• Pinwheel sets
• Serpentine and threadles
• Developing as a team
• Strategies for running courses

Prerequisite: Completion of intermediate class or equivalent experience. Successful evaluation.

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Masters - Emphasis and Goals
• Handlers/elite courses split, then run full
• Sequences emphasizing specific skills / strategies
• Proofing handling skills and obstacle performance
• Solidifying teamwork

Prerequisite: Completion of intermediate and/or handlers class or equivalent experience. Must have at least one agility title in USDAA, NADAC or AKC for entrance. Successful evaluation.

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Congratulations AGAIN to
Maureen Hughes and Tigger!

Tigger PDCH PlatinumThey received their PDCH Platinum and are 10 Q's away from Lifetime Achivement Platinum.

For those of you who are not familiar with the title, it means 50 P3 Q's in every event (Gamblers, Standard, Snooker, Pairs, Tournament and Jumpers).
Lifetime Achivement has the same requirements
 as the PDCH title but requires a total of 500 P3 Q's.


Congratulations to our
Beginners Graduates!


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